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    Florida Business Consulting
    Specializing in marketing, sales, and fundraising for
    the world's best companies and charities.
  • Already expanding!
    Florida Business Consulting has several offices in South Florida and is expanding to Europe in 2014.
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About FBC

Established in 2011, Florida Business Consulting is a privately owned direct sales and marketing company in Miami, FL. We are responsible for developing management teams to lead our clients into new markets, cities, and countries.

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Four Reasons to Work with Us

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Daily training and personal development in business and management.



Helping each other accomplish personal goals and company objectives together.



Working hard to make sure we do right by our clients, customers, and team members.



Providing the opportunity for career growth and development with the right training.

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Eric Martin, Managing Director of Florida Business Consulting, Will Be Attending Upcoming Industry Promoting Owners’ Conference in Chicago.

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